We're Hosting an Exhibition for London Festival of Architecture

Unnamed 5 1 Wide

City Identities an exhibition that explores how cities express their identities to the rest of the world – and what it is they choose to express.

Whether it's to attract tourism, foreign investment or simply civic pride, cities increasingly must vie for attention in the same way brands do. But unlike brands, cities are sprawling, complex, multifaceted entities. That's why some of the most interesting examples, like Milton Glaser's iconic I ♡ NY, are also the simplest.

We bring together some of the most provoking examples, from New York to London, Amman, Jordan to Chattanooga, Tennessee, and go deeper into the process of distilling an entire city into a single marque.

22 June – 29 June, 2018

Ground Floor Space

3 Tyers Gate, SE1 3HX

London, UK